Toile Mixed Up: the globe-spanning story of an enduring texstyle.

Trans-Europe! The very term evokes the world’s grandest notions: the best Kraftwerk album! the least-morally ambiguous wars! the classiest and most exotic defiers of gender! And more! Indeed the story of one of the most distinctive types of design is also an example of trans-European success. Without the collaborative powers of what is now the … Continue reading


History of the Swindle: the Internet

Today in the History of Swindles we look back to the origins of the cyber-swindle. Many hands are wrung at the prospect of larger and more complex swindles made possible by today’s fast-paced, technology-based, privacy invas’d society. Almost 300,000 people—the population of Omaha Nebraska—reported being victims of Internet crime in 2008, and there is speculation … Continue reading