14 Rippers from 2014


Tony Allen

These aren’t the best tracks from the best albums, or if they are, that’s a complete accident. They’re probably not the songs, artists or albums that I listened to most either. These are 14 great songs from 14 really good albums that in someway mark where my musical proclivities took me in 2014.

Thanks to the wonder of the internet, the playlist spans from Sweden to Nigeria to Brazil to Britain to Brooklyn, where I was living and rarely left. The mood swings from bald desire for “money [and] power,” to the ennui of content fatigue to the wistful sadness of Sunday night. The musical style goes from hip-hop to psych to whatever you call whatever “Bololo Ha Ha” is (other than way more catchy than it has any right to be).

Ruminations on how it came to this will have to wait, but the more music I hear, the more I like music. I know, that’s incredibly stupid sounding, but as I’ve studied music further on the guitar, or while chipping it over at Afropop Worldwide, or just by listening to it for some 50 thousand minutes this year, the better I feel about everything, even the internet. As far as human endeavors go, it’s gotta be one of our finest.

Thus, like every year, 2014 was a good year for music. It was bad in innumerable other ways, of course, but that’s at least part of the reason why we need rippers.


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