The First One-Way Manned Mission to Jupiter’s Moon is Being Crowdsourced Now.

I worked on breaking this for my day job at Motherboard, where I highly recommend checking this story out.

I asked the man behind Objective Europa if he expected people would be interested in going and dying farther away from home than anyone ever. He said the one-way mission to Mars had thousands of candidates so he wasn’t worried. He’d love to go. “Wouldn’t you?” he asked.

As a thorough-going Buckmeister Fullerian, I said Earth has pretty much everything I want, and certainly everything I need and we laughed. Still, there’s that pull–the sea, the frontier, the ice sea in the final frontier.

He told me maybe when I’m old and gray and in a wheelchair going to Europa might have more appeal. Plus, he said, being old is better for dealing with the insane amount of radiation that Jupiter bombards onto Europa.

So, I’m considering it.

Thank you for reading Topics of Capricorn.


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