Reviewing the New Godspeed You! Black Emperor: UPDATED

I haven’t heard this record, but did you see the Pitchfork review? From Mike Richardson:

When listening to their music, I’m not necessarily thinking about the downtrodden transcending their place in the capitalist hierarchy or the end of the world; I’m thinking about the idea of transcendence, the raw grace of noise, and the tragedy of endings. Godspeed’s music works so brilliantly because it can be abstracted and scaled, blown up into an edifice that towers over a continent or shrunk down to something that feels at home in a bedroom.

Holy moly. Is this band is so self-serious that everything they touch turns into a pretentious, towering sterling-silver phallus, shimmering the explosion of a distant atom bomb going off every hour on the hour, above the homes of the factory workers who never pause to wonder “Am I alive? Is this living?”?

UPDATE: See how far you can get in this Guardian interview without rolling your eyes. I made it 12 words into the first question:

To me, Godspeed is more than just a band, it’s an idea.


One thought on “Reviewing the New Godspeed You! Black Emperor: UPDATED

  1. The ideas are there with such a band, but admittedly they’ve got a quality and a knack to their work which is heads above their post-rock contemporaries.

    Even if my comment there may have a tinge of the subjective 🙂

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