biographical / Non-fiction

A Day At the UN

Yesterday I worked at the UN. The shipment I was to be working with was late.

Then once the package arrived we needed to buy jewel cases for the DVDs. So Evan went out and bought some. And I was getting pretty far in my book.

And then we needed more jewel cases a few minutes later. We never seemed to think ahead. And we didn’t have many of the languages we needed. Or if we had the right language sometimes they would be zoned incorrectly. As if Haiti needed another problem.

And we mailed one to North Korea (it was referred to, mysteriously, as a “censored” one). And even though we packaged one for them, my boss-for-the-day said, “Mali? They just had a coup, they won’t be screening this movie.” It was interesting that the whole world had DVD players. There isn’t one country that’s just holding out for Betamax the way Cuba holds out for Communism.

At one point knowing the primary languages of almost every country in the world became very important. Portuguese pops up more places than you’d think.

There was no real interest in what we were doing. Management went to meet with other management. We left after almost everyone else.


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