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Synchronicity, Or the Merits of a Google Search

Happy New Year, reader! The celebration of New Year’s Eve is almost uniformly derided as both arbitrary and disappointing, yet we all do it annually. It’s hard to say why we all hate New Year’s Eve, except that it is–more than any other celebration–just about one moment, and the preceding five seconds. Something about that excitement, which is so characteristic of the holiday, is impossible to sustain for the entire evening. Also, champagne hangovers are the worst.

This year–with temperance and tempered expectations–I avoided both disappointment and headaches, and rang in 2012 on Lily’s roof with fireworks, skylines, the Statue of Liberty, and the moon-lookin’-like-cantaloupe. Apparently it was Lily’s birthday as well. Happy 30th, Lily. Maybe 2012 will be the year we meet.

Anyway, now that the revelry has been dispensed with, we’ll be resuming our regular schedule at ToC.

In an odd twist of fate, one of my super-original ideas was pilfered nine months before I came up with it, and published at McSweeney’s without my knowledge or consent.

Observe: From my Capricorn Idea Pad for the Week of 12/5-12/9:

As Victor Hugo said, "You can resist an invading army, but you can't resist an idea whose time has come.... particularly when it involves Ernest Hemingway and Yelp."

The offending McSweeney’s piece can be found here. Even more insulting than publishing this piece well before I even conceived of this blog, was the fact that the execution was way better than what I would’ve come up with.

As we see in the notebook, I’m far from hurting for ideas, and in fact I had rejected this Hemingway-Yelp idea, in favor of the much more original and interesting Dante-Yelp, or Yelp reviews of Hemingway or Dante…

Don’t you worry, reader. 2012 is ripe for laughter and keen observation. I wonder if I can find the rest of my “Chris As Oscar Wilde” file…


2 thoughts on “Synchronicity, Or the Merits of a Google Search

  1. I can’t get McSweeney’s to load; linking from your blog has apparently shut down their server — a feat I never thought possible after it weathered all the facebook reposts of that comma article. Dang it, this Hemingway-Yelp thing sounds hilarious, and I just watched Midnight in Paris and read Sun Also Rises. Just send me your version, I’m a nepotist & would probably like it better anyway.

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